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Since 1988, I have poured my heart and soul into changing the lives of women on stage and behind the chair in my Salon, with a true understanding how many people are impacted by hair loss and that improving outer beauty heals inner beauty. I commit my love, support and compassion to help you Rediscover Your Beauty.






There are Pro’s and Con’s for Human Hair vs Synthetic Hair. A client consultation will give you complete understanding of those, and guide you in selecting the proper wig that works best for you.


Haircut or hair removal

I take great pride in my work and understanding that at this time in your life,loosing your hair can be extremely emotional.   I  have a private room where I will cut your hair and your new wig. TOGETHER WE WILL REDISCOVER YOUR BEAUTY…


Proper wig sizing

Heads come a variety of  shapes and sizes, therefore I will take accurate measurements to insure the perfect fit…..


Select wig design

I will assist you in selecting the perfect design for you, based on your face shape. Together we will determine length and fullness that best accents your features.


Select wig color

Using my experience from behind the chair , we will select the proper  wig color  that is most pleasing to your skin tone and eye color. This will enhance your beauty..


Tailor Wig

In most cases Human hair and Synthetic wigs  will need  to be trimmed and bulk removed.  This will help the wig to look and feel more natural.   If you are bored with the same shape , let’s change it. Human Hair wigs are fun to cut different looks on.



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Using specifically designed products to ensure the prolonged life of your Wig or Topper that are Sulfate, Paraben and Sodium Chloride free,  extends the color and the fiber of your investment.

Mission Statement

My passion is to provide the most professional wig fitting and hair replacement services in Myrtle Beach, with an emphasis on serving the needs of Cancer and Alopecia clients impacted by hair loss .

New Hair. New Smile. New Beginning.


  • Belezawigs
    I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August of 2010. I best describe that period of time as a roller coaster ride you don't want to ride, have no control over, and just want to get to the end of the ride and walk away. Before I could walk away, I had surgery (twice), chemotherapy, and radiation. I remember thinking that I was not a vain person and losing my hair for a period of time would be okay. I was wrong. The concept, as I got closer to losing my hair, was devastating. I started looking at wigs and visiting wig shops. I already felt different, and when I walked into wig shops, I felt worse. It wasn't by choice I was there. The experience was impersonal and emotionally wrecking. Then, a friend told me about Cheryl, her salon, and her personal mission to help in this type of crisis. I visited. I stayed. Cheryl was compassionate and empathetic. She helped me choose not just a wig, but "me" for a time when I wasn't all me. If someone did not know I had lost my hair, they would not have been able to tell from my wig because it looked both in color and style like my hair before I lost it. That was due to Cheryl's expert matching and styling. Cheryl's true passion lies in genuinely caring about the person with whom she is working. Her personalized help made that period of my life bearable, and I can say without hesitation, that Cheryl is truly a diamond in an otherwise very dark cave. " -- Terry Gordon
  • Angie Nida
    Dear Cheryl . Lady Fabulous! Thank you for my new and better! (You know it's true!!) but especially thank you for being understanding girl, who knows what girls need! You will have a very successful business for people all over the state! Thanks again, Love Angie I shall return! 🙂
    Angie Nida
  • K. Kolakowski
    Being diagnosed in my early twenties with ovarian cancer was not part of my life plan. I was devastated,angry,frightened and just filled with mixed emotions. When I was told that my hair would fall out 18 days after my first chemo treatment, my mom gently persuaded me to start thinking about getting a wig. I was so negative about the idea of wearing a wig but she convinced me that looking good during the treatment was so important. She was right. I didn't know it at the time. My mom researched all of the wig salons in Greenville and neighboring towns before she selected Beleza. This is how my mother works. She knows me so well. She wanted it to be the best possible experienced for me. She knew how upset I was at the time and wanted me to be as comfortable as possible and pleased with the salon and selection of wigs. We made an evening appointment and when we arrived we were warmly greeted by Cheryl . She directed us to the upstairs studio and gave us time alone to look at all the wigs. Cheryl was so kind and understanding. She intuitively knew how I was feeling. I convinced myself that nothing would look good. Cheryl encouraged me to give a few wigs a try. She selected styles that would compliment my facial features and skin tone. She reminded me often through the process that this was just the beginning. She planned to expertly style and trim the wig to my specifications. Tow hour later,when she was done , I felt completely transformed. I looked beautiful and I began to cry. Cheryl told me she would be there for me when my hair began to fall out if I needed her. I was deeply touched. Cheryl is a very caring and patient person. She knows just how important it is to look and feel good during cancer treatment. She is stylish and so upbeat. You will leave her salon knowing you have the best quality wig customized for you. Kate
    K. Kolakowski
  • D. Fletcher
    When I got cancer and needed a wig, a friend took me to Beleza to see Sherry Lopez. Another friend had also highly recommended her to me. Sherry provides a very private and personalized service for her cancer customers. She really loves what she does and it shows. I have never seen anyone cut hair the way Sherry does. She is a true artist with a heart of gold. She will work to get your wig styled perfectly and cut to look like your own hair.She also offers a wide variety of wigs, halos, and other cancer related products. Her skill and knowledge are invaluable. I wouldn?t have gone anywhere else.
    D. Fletcher
  • To one of the most FABULOUS lady's I have ever been touched by, I say THANK YOU! Sherry Lopez, your Zest and Enthusiasm for life has danced over the line and has brought me more Joy than you will ever know! When I reflect on my breast cancer diagnosis on my 33 birthday, I try to count my blessings and thank God for all the things that have happened in my life that might not have happened otherwise. When I count my blessings, I count you twice! There will never be another woman who is more Passionate and Gifted in their profession than you are, my friend. I knew from the first time I spoke with you on the phone setting up a wig consult that I liked you. I knew from the moment I walked into your salon and saw your sweet face that I would love and treasure you for the rest of my life! You are Precious, you are Hilarious, you are Brilliant, you are Loving, you are Kind! You Understand more than you should be capable of, You are Giving, and You are Cherished! You have followed me from the beginning of chemo with a head full of thick hair...you have measured my enormous head to find the perfect fitting wig in prep for hair loss..you have witnessed my male patterned baldness...you have "tried" to help me look cute tying bandanas around my head....you have helped my pick out hats...you have thought of me when I wasn't around...you have thought my last few hairs were going to fall out in your hand...you have buzzed my hair...you have loved my bald sweaty head...you have made me laugh endlessly...you have loved me more than I deserve...you are now watching my hair come back as a "fohawk". You Understand this situation way deeper than you should and you Celebrate it! You are Compassionate, You are Patient, You are Precious, You are Fun, You are Hilarious, You are Gorgeous, You are Perfect, and You are way more than an Artist of Hair and Wigs! I pray that your Sparkle will continue to Shine Bright in the Lives of all who love and need you! Thank you for being my Good and Perfect Gift! "Every good and perfect gift is from Above..." James 1:17
  • Marie Moore
    I can't say enough about the loving care given to me by Sherry Lopez of Beleza Wigs. I had surgery for endometrial cancer at age 68 and am undergoing chemo and radiation treatments. A dear friend recommended Sherry as the "best" to consult for a wig. My friend was right! Sherry has been with me evert step of the way...from choosing color, texture, style and fit of my wig, to buzzing my hair when that time came. Sherry is knowledgeable, compassionate and so positive and uplifting! I look forward to Sherry styling my hair when it comes back! Thank you , Sherry, for EVERYTHING!
    Marie Moore
  • Leslie
    My mother was referred to Ms. Sherry from her home healthcare nurse after being struck with cancer and losing her hair during chemo. Sherry was genuinely interested in finding the MOST appropriate wig, styling it perfectly and making Mom feel pretty and better! Ms. Sherry was so professional and meticulous that I decided to make an appointment for myself to get a haircut and style. I KNEW IT! Ms. Sherry turned my frizzy mop into a smooth 'n shiny work of art. If you are looking for a caring artist to take care of you, call Ms. Sherry!!!! (Thanks so much!)
  • Andrea Elizabeth Kurt
    I lost my hair during chemo and was absolutely heartbroken. I heard about Cherie through another patient who had the most realistic wig I'd ever seen. I had very long blonde hair and thought I would never find a wig that looked real. But I was wrong! Cherie found me an incredible wig that matched my length, color, and texture perfectly. She really took her time using her resources to find something that was perfect for me. No one has any idea that I'm wearing a wig. In fact, one night I was out with my wig, and a bartender looked at my ID with my old hair and said, "I like your highlights!" I get compliments on my wig all the time and it's really boosted my confidence. Cherie was very flexible with me (I live in Charleston) and did everything she could to make sure I was happy. She took measurements of my head and was very knowledgeable about making sure the wig fit correctly. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a wig.
    Andrea Elizabeth Kurt
  • I was diagnosed with breast cancer 5 days before last Christmas. Once my oncologist told me that my chemo would cause me to lose my hair, I panicked even further. My job requires me to interact with many people and to speak in front of large groups. How could I do that with either no hair or an off the rack wig? I couldnâ??t imagine how I could find a suitable wig on my own. Then I remembered the wig that a co-worker and friend had during her treatment a year or so before. It looked so much like her real hair that most people did not realize it was a wig. She put me in touch with Sherry who became my angel! I sent her pictures and then went in for a visit to try various styles and colors. Sherry did so much research until she found the perfect match in both style and color. She took great pains to trim and tweak it until it looked just right. The day my hair actually began to come out was traumatic - but Sherry eased me through shaving my remaining hair and moving right into my new hair! First thing the next morning, I had to lead a meeting of 25 co-workers. I could not have done it without Sherryâ??s loving work. From that day until now, I get frequent compliments on my new â??haircut.â?? Many people donâ??t even know about my treatment. Sherry is a true angel who lives her faith! I could not have made it through the last year without her!

    Debra Sparacino

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